Sunday, March 25, 2007

Scan Drops The Passion for free download!


A step from a Classic: Scan - The Passion
Article by: John Burnett(hip-hop reviewer)
If Scan's debut, "The Passion", doesn't seem like a debut, it's because of his skill level, and in-depth topics. If anything, he is the next biggest star in hip-hop, with legions of fans anxiously awaiting new material, They knew that his album would essentially be the de facto sequel to the emerging Westcoast. Other gangsta rappers is all about aggression and anger -- -- but Scan takes his time, playing with the flow of his words, giving his rhymes a nearly melodic eloquence. Compare his delivery to many rappers in the game: Jadakiss , Kurupt, Jay Z and especially Beanie Siegel. Scan is something special, with unpredictable turns of phrase, evocative imagery, and a distinctive, addictive flow.

If The Passion doesn't surprise or offer anything that wasn't already on many hip hop fans minds, it nevertheless is the best showcase for Scan's prodigious talents, not just because he's given the room to run wild, but be! cause he knows what to do with that freedom and emerging producers Soundwave, Chuck and T.H.X. presents it all with imagination and a narrative thrust. It's a step away from the shock of the new, the way that The Chronic, doggystyle, or the Documentary did, so be it: The Passion and The new Ground Up Live Mixtape will stand proudly together as the twin pinnacles of The new West Coast hip-hop of the early 'The next generation.

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