Sunday, March 23, 2008


Saturday, 22 March 2008
On his reality tv show: The new project I'm doing is more exciting, because I'm dealing with kids -- I get about 20 troubled kids, kids in trouble for burglary, attempted murder, things like that. They're 20 kids who are gang members, white gangs, black gangs, Mexican gangs -- and they're all going to be in the same house. They'll learn to use computers, how to study...This isn't the average reality show where people get up in the morning with their makeup. This is 20 real people, and I'm going to be there to supervise them. When you're dealing with TV and with movies, people dont take it as serious as they do with music. If a rapper does a song about shooting people on the block, and goes into a restaurant or grocery store, people grab their purses because they're afraid the person is violent. With TV and movies, people know it's okay, it's just a script. Even with our governor, who played "The Terminator" -- people would embrace him and ask for his autograph, they wouldn't expect him to shoot up the store.

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