Saturday, March 1, 2008


*akinyele - break a bitch neck (large pro mix) ft kool g rap - there are 2 versions of this track, both produced by large pro. This is the remix version. I have also the original so if this is the version you already have, i can also upload the other version.
*da beatminerz - da connection (full version) ft kool g rap, ghostface, cappadonna - this is the full version of this track, in your list it’s version without cappa’s verse (cappa’s verse was cut off beacuse wu and cappa had lil beef when the “put it on line” album was released). The full version was released on da connection vls and also on some rawkus sampler.
*dangelo - brown sugar (king tech remix) ft kool g rap - king tech’s (from wake up show) remix of this track
*fokis - throwback ft kool g rap - throwback is really the name of track, google for more info.
*jeymes samuel - baby dont cry (ayatollah remix) ft canibus & kool g rap - ayatollah’s remix of the track, original version is not released as far as i know.
*jonell - round and round (remix 2) ft kool g rap - this is also official remix, available on (promo?) cds and some rawkus compilations
*kool g rap, talib kweli, boot camp click-rawkus dreamteam freestyle session pt 1 & 2 - freestyle session of rawkus dream team (aka kool g rap, talib kweli, boot camp click), i guess recorded just before old rawkus folded.
*kool g rap and prinz - we some gs - some random mixtape track from 2006, not sure - maybe listed already as “G’d Up”?!
*kool g rap - bad to the bone (large professor remix) - rare (vinyl only?) large pro remix of this classic
*kool g rap - bout that (original dirty) ft ma barker - track from the “bout that” vls, not on the album
*kool g rap - bout that (dsmooth rmx clean) ft ma barker - remix of “bout that”, also from “bout that” vls
*kool g rap - champion - same track is also on “dead or alive” mixtape, but this version is 1 minute longer and has more verses
*kool g rap - fast life (vinyl reanimators remix) ft nas - vinyl reanmators version of the track
*kool g rap - freestyles - several freestyles from radio shows and albums.
*kool g rap - its a shame (soul remix) - some rare remix of this track, not the remix that was on the “4,5,6″ album
*kool g rap - life in the gutter - some track from the mixtape
*kool g rap - men at work (marley marl remix) - rare marley marl remix
*kool g rap - mobstas - some track from j love mixtape, possible it’s known under different name, at least sample sounds familiar.
*kool g rap - my life (alchemist remix) - remix from the alchemist cuttin floor mixtape, titled there as “Thug Shit Queens Cliques”, but the lyrics are the same as “my life”
*kool g rap - real talk - track from the j love album
*kool g rap - ride on ft jagged edge - some track from the vls with the same name
*kool g rap - spill blood ft jinx black child - track from the its nothin/spill blood vls
*kool g rap - u wanna get shot ft ma barker - some track from the cds with the same name
*kool g rap - whats more realer then that - another track from j love mixtape
*kool g rap - front 2 back ft ma barker - another mixtape track, again this sounds familiar, maybe some other track renamed
*krohme - come and see me (snippet) ft kool g rap - snippet from “south of heaven” album, produced by krohme
*mc bogy - china white (remix) ft kool g rap & joell ortiz - same track is also on “dead or alive mixtape”, but it’s without the german mc, this remix seems to be official, more info:
*mop and kool g rap - street team (alchemist remix) - same beat that was used by ghost, but the remix is official.
*mop - stick to ya gunz (pete rock remix) ft kool g rap - pete rock remix of the track, i think it was never officially released, but it’s still pete rock, so worth adding to collection.
*neek the exotic, mc shan, diesel, kool g rap and snow - pee nile union - a rare track with g rap
*offdamental - livin it up ft kool g rap - another rare track from vls with g rap guest appearance
*roxanne shante - deadly rhymes ft kool g rap - track is also available on roxanne shante’s “the best of cold chillin” album (i think it’s titled deadly anthems there)
*single minded pros-you know im wit it ft kool g rap, ma barker - track from single minded pros album, more info
*smut peddlers - talk like sex ii (original version) ft kool g rap - track taken from “Eastern Conference Sampler” (2001) and same track is also available on eastern conference all-stars 3 album. I actually own this sampler, so i doubt that there is “talk like sex 3″ (unless there are other “Eastern Conference Sampler” from 2001).
*styles p, kool g rap, scram jones, tragedy - line up - posse cut from the mixtape, this track is also kown as “General Statis (5 Star General)”.
*ugk - next up ft big daddy kane and kool g rap - track from the new ugk album, sad face @ “hip hop drunkies” rip off.
*unkle - gunz blazing ft kool g rap - track from the unkle album
*yukmoth - thug money ft kool g rap - cameo from the yukmoth album

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