Saturday, October 24, 2009


Live guests Raekwon The Chef - Redman - Jedi Mind Tricks - Army Of The Pharoahs - The Undergods - Keith Murray - exclusive Wu Tang Clan news and more!

Original broadcasted on October 23rd 2009

Download links below as are the details on the show and special guests


"Raekwon The Chef joins us for one of his most focused interviews to date, exploring such intimate topics as his relationship with RZA, his reluctance to ever be involved with another Wu Tang Clan album,Dr Dre and Detox, punching Joe Budden and a whole lot more.

Redman is in exhilarated spirits as he kicks down the Conspiracy studio door and talks us through his career, thoughts of leaving the game, his new album and everything else you would expect from one of hip hop's most energetic energy drinks personified. We think we also have a new listener here! Check it.

Jedi Mind Tricks are in the building as Vinnie Paz takes time out to deliver a classic, comprehensive overview of the career of one of hip hop's most successful independent groups. This one is a pure classic and a MUST LISTEN for all JMT fans worldwide - spread this where you can!

Army Of The Pharaohs have a new album on the horizon and Celph Titled steps up to break down the science of the group in 2009 as well as discussing group friction, internet "beefs", rumors and lies and more in this candid and all-inclusive rare interview. AOTP followers spread the word like a prophet!

Shyhiem passes through to talk Bottom Up, his new album and life as a man who has spent his entire life growing up alongside the music industry. His heart pumps the same enthusiasm that it did when he was labeled as a "young rapper" and people should all be on the lookout for that new album coming early 10

Sha Stimuli steps in to explain why he feels that the world didn't give him the all-out respect and love that he deserved for his commendable "12 mixtapes in one year" feat. Considered by some to be an often overlooked but massively talented artist, it was a pleasure to talk to Sha in the hope that even more people will reach out and SHOW that they recognise this guys none stop talent.


Fashawn joins us live from his hotel lobby on tour with Ghostface Killah to chat "Boy Meets World", his new sophomore release. Notice a marked difference in Fashawn this time around - a true sign that the Boy has definitely met much more of the World since last time we spoke. Legendary."

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