Friday, October 2, 2009

Pimp C and Master P had Funk???

"P didnt pay them money for any of the songs then would add BBTP as co producers so theyd get production points (the only 2 songs C co produced with were Akickdo and Bring The Noise Break Em Off Playaz From The South Meal Ticket and Ghetto Life were all Pimp productions but each was credited as Pimp C and BBTP)

so C started sayin fuck no limit in shows and songs

P first tried to have C's rims from the Benz jacked but didnt succed then week or so later C got beat up by 3 goons tied up in a hotel P came in and took his licks

C got J involved J got P off of C"
Good Times!!!
Pimp C - Play Hard
jacked this shit from a great site philaflava, check it HERE

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